Life is Sacred
Respect for Life

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Sign a petition for Congress to Update Requirements for Public Service so that all public servants acknowledge the sanctity of human lfie.

Write a letter to your representative and senators in support of H.R. 7: No Taxpayer Funded Abortions

Overturn Roe V. Wade:
Sign the
Life at Conception Act Petition

Have  bookmarks made at places like GotPrint, Staples, OfficeMax or Vistaprint and share with others, or order a few here

Update your profile image to one of these images for at least one day per week.

Place a flier on your local bulletin board.

Sponsor an ad on Facebook for a Fast for Life event.

Help sponsor a radio or television ad.


Afterwards, sit back and relax as our culture is slowly transformed like Poland was on June 10th, 1979 through Pope John Paul II, leading to the defeat of Soviet communism and the liberation of Eastern Europe.