Life is Sacred
Respect for Life

PURITY is a clarity of vision.
--Heartbeat International

The most dangerous form of deception is self-deception. --Josh Billings
Humility leads to strength, not weakness. It is the highest form of self-respect to admit mistakes and to make amends for them.  -- John J. McCoy


The Measure of Love... 
Is to Love Without Measure 

If you have had an abortion... 

If Fatherhood begins at conception, when does life begin?

I will follow that method of treatment, which, according to my ability and judgment, I consider for the benefit of my patients, and abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous. 

I will give no deadly medicine to anyone if asked, nor suggest any such counsel; furthermore, I will not give to a woman an instrument to produce abortion. 
~From the Hippocratic Oath, Hippocrates 
"Members of Congress, regardless of their personal views on abortion, ought to agree with public law that health care providers should not be forced to perform or fund abortions that they believe are morally wrong…To do so would force these vital members of our society to choose between keeping their jobs and following their conscience. 

"It's time the purveyors of 'choice' practice what they preach and allow others the choice not to violate their conscience." 
-- Family Research Council Pres Ken Connor, regarding ANDA (Abortion Non-Discrimination Act)

The right to choose -- as American as apple pie!
We Americans pride ourselves on our freedom to make our own choices.
We have forgotten, though, that attached to every right or freedom is a responsibility which ultimately assures that no other human being is hurt while we exercise our rights.

Our choices reflect our values.

What values does abortion reflect? What is chosen in an abortion?
Abortion is the result of "the right to choose" gone wrong: the choice to harm and kill another human being without taking responsibility for the safety of that new human being who is growing and developing - and who will die -- in the process.
Abortion Increases Risk of Miscarriage 

A British team of doctors [London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine] released a study in the British Journal of Gynecology showing that women who have aborted run a 60 percent higher risk of having a miscarriage in a subsequent pregnancy. 
The intentional killing of human beings is NOT health care. 
Being a Mother is The Most Heroic Thing a Woman Can Do 

Quotes to Note
In the summer of 2008, after only 2 years on the market, there were over 7,800 adverse effects from Gardasil, including...
- paralysis 
- linked to pancreatitis 
- 32 deaths by 31 Dec 2008 
- outbreaks of genital warts 
- Guillain-Barre Syndrome 
- in trials, cervical intraepithelial neoplasia 
- concern that the other cancer-causing strains will fill the gap, becoming more aggressive 
- not certain about length of protection 
Many more adverse effects continue to pour in. 
How many go unreported? 
Who would knowingly want their child to receive this triple dose vaccine? 
The Morning After Pill (MAP, EC): 
"...Researchers have said that it acts in at least 2 ways to end a pregnancy:   

"a.  By damaging the lining of the womb so that implantation of the human embryo - the unseen patient - cannot occur.    

"b. Research in mice has also indicated that if an embryo attaches to the womb, the body reabsorbs it, thereby ending the embryo’s life.    

"Because the MAP can act via these two methods, it must be classified as an abortifacient - a drug that can cause an abortion.

"The fact that the MAP reduces the expected pregnancy rate by 87% supports the claim that it frequently acts to end the life of a human embryo.
"Therefore, due to the danger to the health of the human embryo caused by the MAP, my Code of Professional Conduct, parts 1.1 and 1.2,  forbids me from selling this drug."
[Policy - Code of Professional Conduct. Pharmaceutical Society of Australia. Endorsed by National Council 3/1998]


What is the MAIN GOAL of all those who Promote Abortion and those who Promote Human Life?

Is it not the Care of Women, and their Health? 

If this is true for ALL of us, then WHY can we not WAIT until the pregnancy's NATURAL TERMINATION AT BIRTH, allowing the child to be born... 
An average of eight years after their abortions, married women who had aborted were 138 percent more likely to be at high risk of clinical depression compared to similar women who carried their unintended first pregnancies to term. -- David Reardon, Ph.D., British Medical Journal, 2003
Feminists for Life... 
Seeks true equality for all human beings, and real solutions to the challenges women face. 

We oppose all forms of violence, including abortion, infanticide, child abuse, domestic violence, assisted suicide, and euthanasia, as they are inconsistent with the core feminist principles of justice, non-violence, and non-discrimination. 

We support constructive, life-affirming, solutions to complex human problems.
Recently a young woman at San Jose State University received a copy of You Can Stop Injustice-HLA's exciting new campus supplement.

Her response was typical of students who read our materials:
Before I read your papers, I didn't have much against abortion before 3 weeks of pregnancy, but now that I know the procedure, it opened my eyes to the pure evil behind it all... No life is worth less than another, we are all equal and are all sent to earth for a reason. God loves us all... I am 110% against abortion! A life is a life...

With responses like this, no wonder we have requests to develop new materials to reach other populations.
HLA's second edition of Did You Know? is designed to fill this need for an educational resource that reaches the African American community with the pro-life message.
New articles such as "A Planned Parenthood Insider Speaks Out," "Targeting our Children" and "Abortion & Premature Birth" makes Did You Know? an essential element of your pro-life tool kit.
78% of Planned Parenthood facilities are located in poor and minority neighborhoods.
In fact, Planned Parenthood's latest fact sheet illustrates how their business progressed between 2007 and 2008:
Adoption referrals plummeted dramatically from 4,912 in 2007 to 2,405 in 2008. Prenatal clients dropped from 10,914 in 2007 to 9,433 in 2008. Surgical abortions increased from 305,310 in 2007 to 324,008 in 2008.
We can see that the United States' largest abortion chain is really about abortion-and nothing else.
We know they target African Americans and other minorities.
[November 11, 2010,]
Dangers of Abortion 

"Through the years, I have seen many patients who have underlying depression and bitterness due to a previous abortion. Many times these patients feel they were forced into their abortion by parents, husbands, or boyfriends. This will often permanently fracture a relationship."  

--C. Paul Perry, M.D., Gynecology/Obstetrics 

The American Association of Pro-Life Ob/Gyns is a professional voice of Truth about abortion. 

Truth is powerful. 

Truth cannot be intimidated into silence. 

Truth does not go away. 

Truth motivates you to action. 

Truth tells you that it is right to protect innocent human life rather

than to destroy it. 

~Donna Harrison, MD, President, American Association of Pro-life Ob/Gyns
Of the estimated 18.9 million new STD cases in the USA in 2000, 9.1 million (48 percent - almost half) were among 15- to 24-year-olds. [CDC] 

The cost to treat (not necessarily cure) newly-acquired STDs among this age group each year is estimated at $6.5 Billion. 
[Alan Guttmacher Institute]


There were 43,158 new cases of HIV reported in 2001 in the U.S. 

The number of cases is rising. 

In 2000, there were 40,000 new cases. 

Exactly 50% (half) of all these new cases of HIV in 2000 were among 15-24 year-olds. 

New strains of HIV are appearing, and the medications presently being used are not as effective over time. 

"There's no quick fix for pregnancy, no magic pill"  

Holly Patterson's sobbing father commented on 19Sept03, two days after Holly died from a massive bacterial infection following a failed RU-486 abortion dispensed from a Planned Parenthood center in California.  

[Brewer, "Family Blames RU-486 in Woman's Death", Contra Costa Times, 9/20/03]
"Today's vote was historic because, for the first time, the Senate was forced to go on record over whether they support using Americans' tax dollars to support the nation's largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, a bloated, scandal-ridden abortion advocate. But today's vote made clear which senators care more about the interests of the politically influential abortion lobby than the lives and safety of American women and families. 

"The overwhelming majority of American taxpayers do not
want to be in the abortion business."
~ Dr. Charmaine Yoest, President & CEO, Americans United for Life, June 2011 
Abortion HURTS Women & KILLS Children 
It's Definitely Time to DEFUND Planned Parenthood 
"The medical care provided in abortion centers is Alabama is substandard. 
"It is not required that doctors performing abortions be board certified, have hospital privileges, or carry malpractice insurance. 
"No other area of medicine is practiced under such inadequate guidelines… 
"As a physician, I feel ashamed that abortionists practice substandard medicine. As a woman, I am angry we are singled out for such shoddy treatment. So long as abortion is legal, it is negligent on the part of the state to allow this to continue." 
Maria Johnson, M.D., Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine, 2003
Have you considered Making an Adoption Plan for Your Baby? 
When we observe that every human being is utterly unique (even identical twins have different fingerprints, facial expressions, and personalities), can we not conclude that the intentional destruction of an embryo - whether in a womb or in a Petri dish - is an incalculable loss to humanity? 

And that the destructive act itself fuels a materialistic view of human life, in which every human being is dispensable if a burden or inconvenience to someone else? 
[Life Insight, Sept/Oct 2003] 
The word "Fetus" is Latin and means... 
"young one" or "offspring". 
"Fetus" simply describes a Stage of Human Development, 
just as does the Latin word "Adolescent", which means "to grow up". 

Abortion Provider Quotes 
"At the risk of being repetitious, I would remind the group that we have found the highest frequency of induced abortion in the group which, in general, most frequently uses contraceptives." 
-- Dr. A. Kinsey, 1995 Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) Conference 
"More than 3 million unplanned pregnancies occur each year to American women; two-thirds of these are due to contraceptive failure." 
-- Dr. Louise Tyrer, Medical Director of PPFA, Letter to Editor Wall Street Journal, 26Apr91
Abortion advocates want to give all children their "rights" from their parents, so that they can have sex whenever and with whomever; but then they want all women and girls to have the "right" to kill their own human children before they are born... 
What about the "rights" of these unborn children? 
So, give children the "right" to have sex, but when they get pregnant, they should have the "right" to kill another child, their own offspring.
What "right" do they have when they get STDs, or clinical depression? 
Then, following this same logic, they should have the "right" to commit suicide if they get depressed...
If "rights" are supposed to bring freedom, why do these "rights" bring so much destruction and death?
The public must be informed that there is no such thing as safe sex. 
The failure rate of condoms as a birth control device is at least 10-20%. 
Surveys by a pro-abortion organization found that 54% - 56% of women obtaining abortions were using some type of birth control (primarily the Pill and/or condoms)the month they became pregnant. Over half became pregnant while using a form of birth control. [AGI, CDC] 

Realize that HIV is 450 times smaller than a sperm. 
A scientific study has shown that in couples very conscientiously practicing "safe sex", when one partner was infected with the AIDS virus, there was a 1 in 6 chance that the other partner would contract this deadly disease.
Medical professionals are on the frontlines of battle in life issues. 
From abortion to assisted suicide and euthanasia and all issues in between we are challenged in the workplace to defend our beliefs and risk our employment. 
The National Association of Pro-life Nurses has been here for nurses since the beginning of this battle. 
Join with us in our efforts to protect those voices at
Peace Begins...
      in the Womb. 
[Feminists For Life of America] 
"The highest density of pain receptors per square inch of skin in human development occurs in utero from 20 to 30 weeks gestation. 
"During this period, the epidermis is still very thin, leaving nerve fibers closer to the surface of the skin than in older neonates and adult… 
"Thus, a fetus at 20-32 weeks of gestation would experience a much more intense pain than older infants or children or adults…" 
[expert testimony provided to the Northern District of the US District Court in CA (15Apr04), Dr. Sunny Anand (Dir, Pain Neurobiology Lab, Arkansas Children's Hospital Research), emphasis added]
Teens are in crisis in a culture that steeps them with sexual messages and images that encourage them to be sexually active before marriage. 
The CDC shows that by age 15, 13% of teens have had sex. 
By 19, that number leaps to 70%. 
[Winter 2010, Human Life Alliance Action News,]
"Comparing the maternal mortality risk of childbirth to that of abortion, when proper weight is given to the increased risk of breast cancer and suicide due to abortion, and the decreased risk of ovarian cancer with full-term pregnancy, abortion is many times more hazardous to the mother in the long run than carrying a child to term." 
-- Chris Kahlenborn M.D., "Breast Cancer: Abortion and the Pill" 

Breast Cancer Awareness Month...  Honestly?? 
Women are NOT being told the TRUTH about the CONNECTION between abortion and breast cancer... Watch this 1 minute, 50 second video --
Organizations including the American Cancer Society and Susan G. Komen for the Cure are raising money while denying women the fundamental facts they need to know regarding the LINK between abortion and breast cancer, and between the birth control pill and breast cancer.
Without your help we cannot help American women avoid the heartache of this dreadful disease... help spread the truth.
[adapted from Judie Brown,, 30 Sept 2010]
We are now seeing the cloning of humans, mixtures of human and animal embryos, embryonic stem cell research (which makes and then destroys human embryos), the destruction of "extra" frozen IVF human embryos, and the sale of human fetal body parts, all presented by the media in very desensitizing ways.  

We must recognize that every abortion and every embryo produced and destroyed for "research" causes the death of a living, defenseless human being, who would come to birth if allowed to develop in an uninterrupted way. 

Every one of these could be our neighbor, relative, or friend. 

Would we want someone we know to be treated this way? 

Why do we then allow it to happen just because we haven't met these little ones? 

Dignity is due to every human life from fertilization through the moment of natural death. 
-- Michael Lathem, M.D. 
Throughout medical history, “conception” has been equated to “fertilization”, both meaning the union of the sperm and the egg. 
However, in the last 30-40 years, “conception” has been quietly and arbitrarily redefined to mean implantation of the human embryo (blastocyst) in the uterus. 

This allows for a period of about 6-10 days from fertilization (union of egg and sperm) in the Fallopian tube, until the embryo – about 100 cells in size – arrives in the uterus. 

Of course, since EC proponents have changed the definition of conception to mean implantation, they would say that there is no current pregnancy. 

On the other hand, most scientists and physicians recognize fertilization as the moment when life begins, and would therefore, call the loss of the human embryo an early abortion.
According to Ramah International, which has studied female prison inmates, 60-80 percent of these women are post-abortive, that is, they have experienced at least one abortion.
“A young woman with an unintended pregnancy clearly sacrifices the protective effect of a term delivery should she decide to abort and delay childbearing ... Thus, we conclude that informed consent before induced abortion should include information about the subsequent risk of preterm delivery and depression.”    
--Thorpe et al., Obstetrical & Gynecological Survey, 1/2003 
Birth Control May Increase the Risk of Breast Cancer 

Oral contraceptives increase the risk of breast cancer by an average of 44 percent in pre-menopausal women who took - or were taking - oral contraceptives (OCs) prior to their first pregnancy (as compared to women who had not used OCs), according to a comprehensive analysis of international studies conducted between 1980-2002, linking breast cancer and contraceptives. ["Oral Contraceptive Use as a Risk Factor for Pre-menopausal Breast Cancer: A Meta-analysis", published in the journal of the Mayo Clinic, October 2006] 

Of the 23 studies examined, 21 showed an increased risk of breast cancer with OC use prior to a first pregnancy in pre-menopausal women. 

The study seems to reinforce the 2005 classification of oral contraception as a Type 1 carcinogen (cancer-causing agent) to humans by the International Agency for Cancer Research. [, 25Oct06]
Oxytocin is released during sexual activity. 
Studies have shown that people who inhale oxytocin are two times more likely to make very bad stock decisions. 
So, does anyone see a connection here to having sex with anybody and everybody soon after meeting them?  
Making bad relationship decisions, perhaps?? 
Maybe it PAYS to WAIT for sex... 
"Our science tells us there is a unique, never to exist again, human individual in a mother's womb. Why, in America, have we come to the place where we can kill that individual to solve our problems?" 
-- Raymond Ufford, M.D.
Roe v. Wade 1973 - 2010 
not a solution then... 
still a tragedy today. 
Resource for Parents: Helping My Teen website
What about the Parents of teens?
Come on, we have issues too! Like how do we teach our teen character, or how to stay out of trouble, or just how to motivate them to pick up their room.
Now there’s a website just for you! Yep. You. The Parent of Teens.
Just follow this link   
We highly recommend this website.  
You’ll find tips and tricks or just a place to hang out and talk with other parents.  
Check it out; you’ll be glad you did. [13 Oct 2010,]
Raising the Behavior Bar 

A basic principle of Abstinence Education is that the majority of teens will favorably respond when challenged with the highest standards of expected behavior. 

Detractors of high behavioral standards, those who support 'comprehensive' sex education, criticize abstinence education as the 'just say no' message. 

The fact is -- supported by the most extensive research project ever -- an adolescent pledge 'to just say no' is without a close second in delaying the onset of sexual activity. 

[JAMA (Journal of American Medical Assoc.), "Protecting Adolescents From Harm: Findings From the National Longitudinal Study on Adolescent Health", September 1997; Add Health study, "Reducing the Risk: Connections That Make a Difference in the Lives of Youth", ; ;]
It isn't bad luck and bad people that cause our unhappiness. It's bad choices. -- Hal Urban
Why Do They Call Planned Parenthood a Non-Profit Organization?  

During its 2005-2006 fiscal year, the non-profit Planned Parenthood Federation of America performed a record 264,943 abortions, attained a huge profit of $55.8 million and received record taxpayer funding of $305.3 million. (, 6/15/07)  

For the year July 1, 2005, through June 30, 2006, Planned Parenthood received $345.1 million in clinic [sic] income, $305 million in taxpayer funding and $212.2 million in donations. 
Total income reached $902.8 million while total expenses came to $847.0 million, leaving a profit of $55.8 million.  
[EF, News & Notes, 31Aug07]
"My experience is that women who miscarry are usually given a small window of sympathy; but women who have abortions often resort to using drugs and alcohol to cover up the pain because the people who told us it was OK to abort our babies, don't want to listen to our crying afterwards". 
-- Georgette Forney, an abortion survivor, co-founder of Silent No More Awareness Campaign  
Planned Parenthood performed 332,278 abortions in 2009.
Planned Parenthood's current ratio of abortions to adoption referrals is 340:1
In 2009 they performed 332,278 abortions, and made 977 adoption referrals.
There were, 25,196 abortions reported in Cook County, Illinois in 2009. 
On average, that equates to one life destroyed every 21 minutes.
Source: Illinois Department of Public Health
African American Abortion Ratio in New York City (2009): 59.8%
Live Births: 27,405
Induced Abortions: 40,798 
Source: New York City Department of Heath and Mental Hygiene/ Bureau of Vital Statistics for 2009 
Caucasian Abortion Ratio in New York City (2009): 20.4%
Live Births: 38,438
Induced Abortions: 9,853 
Source: New York City Department of Heath and Mental Hygiene/ Bureau of Vital Statistics for 2009 
Percent of lives lost to abortion in New York City (2009):
46.7% African American (national average is 37%)
32.5% Hispanic
11.3% Caucasian 
Source: New York City Department of Heath and Mental Hygiene/ Bureau of Vital Statistics for 2009 
Since 1973, the year of the Supreme Court Decision Roe vs. Wade, 13 million African American lives have been lost to abortion.
Source: Center for Disease Control (CDC)
More African American babies have been killed by abortions since 1973 than the total number of African American deaths from AIDS, violent crimes, accidents, cancer and heart disease combined.
Approximate number of African American deaths since 1973:
Abortion: 13+ Million
Heart Disease: 2.26 Million
Cancer: 1.64 Million
Accidents: 307,723 Violent Crimes: 306,313 AIDS: 203,649 
Source: Based on cumulative statistics provided by the US center for Disease Control; accessed at: 
An African American baby is three times more likely to be aborted than a white baby. 
Today, African Americans account for 12.8% of the American population, but African American women receive 35% of all abortions. 
Source: 2010 US Census Data
CDC Abortion Surveillance Report 11/26/04 
Of the approximately 4,000 abortions that are performed daily in the United States, 1,452 of them take the lives of African American children.
Source: Center for Disease Control (CDC)
Total U.S. Abortions since 1973: 52,000,000+
Source:, Center for Disease Control and Prevention Statistics (CDC), Guttmacher Institute, National Right To Life Fact Sheet,
[, is a project of Life Always

Pro-abortion feminists consider abortion as the way to allow women to become unpregnant at will -- so as to become as irresponsible as some men. They look upon abortion as a way for women to become like men.

In reality, abortion forces women to surrender to pregnancy discrimination. Pregnant women are made to feel inferior to non-pregnant women. By settling for abortion instead of working for the social changes which would make it possible to combine children and career, pro-abortion feminists agree to participate in a man's world under man's terms.

Pro-abortion feminists have betrayed the majority of working women who want to have children.
The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has released Emergency Contraception [EC, also called Plan B, and the morning after pill, MAP] to the public Over-The-Counter (OTC).  

This potent drug will be on the pharmacy shelf along with aspirin and cough drops. Anyone over age 18 -- and as of April 2009, anyone under 18 -- may buy EC, even sex predators. 

Many physicians and individuals opposed releasing EC as an OTC drug for many valid medical reasons.  

Older men who sexually prey on younger girls would pressure them to use EC; this would place these girls in serious danger of STD infection. 

Also, the long-term effect of such high-dosage estrogen on young females has not been studied. 

Women who take lower dosage "birth control pills" need a prescription; higher dosage EC/MAP does not require a physical exam and girls/women will not have the protective support of physician oversight. 

We were told that EC would cut the number of surgical abortions in half. 

In European countries where EC is freely available, abortion numbers have increased. 

Those who promised the lowered abortion numbers are now admitting abortion numbers will not be lowered. 
"We are seeing more clearly that these issues -- teen pregnancy, abortion, STDs, embryonic stem cell research, cloning, divorce, pornography, etc. -- are intimately connected: the innate value of the sexual act is literally at the heart of the innate value of human life.  

"In these modern dilemmas, we see that non-marital (out-of-wedlock) sexual activity is a root problem.” 
-- Tim Hughes, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.
A report shows that sexually active teens are far more likely to be depressed and to attempt suicide than those who hold off until marriage. 

More than a quarter (25%) of teen girls who said they were sexually active also said they had been depressed "a lot of the time" or "most or all of the time" in the previous week, compared to 7.7% of girls who said they weren't sexually active. 
And, 60.2% of girls who refrained from sex said they were "never or rarely" depressed, compared to just 36.8 percent of sexually active girls who were never or rarely depressed. 
For boys, 8.3% of those who were sexually active reported problems with depression, compared to just 3.4% for those who weren't.   

Girls who were sexually active were 3 times more likely to say they had attempted suicide than those who weren't. Sexually active boys were nearly 9 times more likely to have attempted suicide. 

The majority of teens who had become sexually active admitted they'd started too soon and expressed regret. 
[Sex, sadness and suicide, Heritage Fdn., 3Jun03; data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Adolescent Health, 1996, for the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and 17 other federal agencies. The in-home survey (given with parental permission) interviewed 6,500 people 14-17 years old] 
"I think we have deluded ourselves into believing that people don't know that abortion is killing. 
"So any pretense that abortion is not killing is a signal of our ambivalence, a signal that we cannot say yes, it kills a fetus; but it is the woman's body, and therefore ultimately her choice." 
Faye Wattleton, past president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, in Ms, May/June 1997
World POPClock Projection [] 
"According to the International Programs Center, U.S. Census Bureau, the total population of the World, projected to 12/07/10, is 6,886,357,333. 
"According to the current estimates, the world population reached 6 billion in 1999 and the new projections indicate that the 7 billion marker will be reached in 2012." []
A must see!! 
This woman sang this for her daughter (who she chose to bring to birth even though doctors wanted her to be aborted). 
This song brought Jennifer Lopez to tears.. and this mother made it to Hollywood! 
Paris Tassin Singing 'Temporary Home'
"I'm pro-choice. Wait a moment! People have a CHOICE as to whether they will have sex or not, and they choose whether it fits with their morals and religious convictions. However, once the possibility of another life exists, then that other life should have a choice as well, and who ever heard of a baby CHOOSING to be aborted?" 
– Charles Hagen, M.D., FACEP
"...If I could only give that message to women who contemplate abortion, to think of how much that child could be loved by couples like my family, we would be forever grateful." 
Pregnancy Resource Centers -- which help women find viable alternatives to abortion -- are predominantly in white, suburban, and small town communities. Most of these centers are non-profit and are almost always staffed by trained volunteers. 
However, Planned Parenthood explicitly identified its profit centers: "young women, low-income women, and women of color" [Planned Parenthood Plan of Action, 1997]. 

Studies show that 62.5% of Planned Parenthood facilities are located in cities where Blacks represent a higher percentage of the population compared to the overall population of the state. [] 
Planned Parenthood grossed over $1 BILLION in its last fiscal year... 
A Passion to Serve: 
A Vision for Life - Pregnancy Resource Center Service Report 2009 
[Family Research Council]
Because of Good Scientific Research, She Changed her Mind 
In a workshop in 2003, the National Cancer Institute denied an abortion-breast cancer link. 

Dr. Louise Brinton, an NCI official who helped organize the 2003 conference, has now reversed her opinion, admitting that abortion and oral contraceptives do raise breast cancer risk. 

40% increased risk for breast cancer for women who have abortions 
Dr. Brinton's changed opinion is due to the results of a study she co-authored with researcher Jessica Dolle in 2009, which documents a 40% increased risk for breast cancer for women who have abortions, and up to a 320% risk increase for breast cancer for women using oral contraceptives. 
[February 2010, Cincinnati RT Life News Brief]
Breast Cancer—two words that immediately spark fear in a woman’s heart. 
Planned Parenthood—two words that SHOULD spark fear in a woman’s heart. 
When an organization that [supposedly] attempts to advocate for women by bringing to light the cause of breast cancer and someday eradicating it, donates money to a second organization that kills innocent preborn babies—therefore also putting women at risk of breast cancer—one has to wonder who really benefits from this ["in bed"]association... 
[adapted from 24 September 2010, Judie Brown, ALL Pro-Life Today, KOMEN, PLANNED PARENTHOOD, & ETHICISTS = A VERY BAD HEARTACHE]
The most common denominator in abortion cases is a lack of support for the mother. 
[Margaret F. Brinig, professor of law and associate dean, ND Law School, 3Dec09] 

A good government becomes strong through its compassion and protection of weak and vulnerable members. 
Society should protect human life at every stage, not encourage the destruction of future generations through abortion. 
Civilized culture cannot survive when it willfully destroys its young.
Plan B -- The Morning After Pill:  
"0.5 percent of women have a genetic susceptibility to thrombo-embolic disease (blood clots). When these women take the 'morning-after' pill - which is equal in strength to taking 50 regular birth control tablets - a blood clot might form." 
--Dr. Ellen Grant, Lancet (2001)
Life begins at the moment of fertilization, when the egg (ovum) and sperm unite. 
In humans, within 10 hours, this fertilized cell (zygote) divides into two identical cells. This process will be repeated millions of times throughout the lifetime of this unique human being. 
Women who have induced abortions have an increased risk of HIV infection of 172%, and researchers are at least 99% confident of this result. 

"Significantly higher prevalences of infection [HIV-1] were associated with induced abortion (0.49%) than with delivery (0.18%) (OR: 2.72; 95% CI: 2.29-3.22)" [European Journal of Epidemiology, Deliveries, abortion and HIV-1 infection in Rome, 1989-1994, 1997, 13:373-378.]  
A typical 15 year old American girl has a 10% lifetime risk of breast cancer. 

If she gets pregnant in her teens and has the baby she reduces her risk to 7.5%. However, if she has an abortion, her risk of breast cancer rises to 15% (assuming she has at least one child in her 20's).
If the abortion causes permanent infertility and/or for other reasons, she never has another pregnancy, her risk rises to 30%.
[Brinton LA, Hoover R, Fraumeni IF, Ir. (1983) Brit. J. Cancer. 47:757-62]

A 13-year study of pregnancy-associated deaths, published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, found that the maternal mortality rate associated with abortion is 2.95 times higher than the maternal mortality rate associated with pregnancies carried to term.

The study included the entire population of women 15-49 years of age in Finland, 1987-2000. The researchers linked birth and abortion records to death certificates.

The annual death rate of women who had abortions in the previous year was also 46% higher than that of non-pregnant women.

Women who carried to term (gave birth) had a significantly lower death rate than non-pregnant women.

Non-pregnant women had 57.0 deaths per 100,000, compared to only 28.2 for women who carried to term (gave birth), 51.9 for women who miscarried, and 83.1 deaths for women who had abortions.
[Gissler M, Berg C, Bouvier-Colle MH, Buekens P. Pregnancy-associated mortality after birth, spontaneous abortion or induced abortion in Finland, 1987-2000. Am J Ob Gyn 2004; 190:422-427. Finland National Research and Development Center]
Listen to the HEARTBEAT of a BABY 6.5 WEEKS from Fertilization
Fast Fact of the Month from The Medical Institute
Hispanic females aged 15-19 years, when compared to white or to black non-Hispanic females in the same age group, have a higher pregnancy rate (132.8 vs. 45.2 vs. 128.0 per 100,000 persons), more first time sex partners that are >4 years older (35% vs. 20% vs. 19%), and a lower proportion ever having talked to a parent about sexual health topics before the age of 18 (65% vs. 72% vs. 74%), respectively. 
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Sexual and reproductive health of persons aged 10-24 years – United States, 2002-2007. Surveillance Summaries, July 17, 2009. MMWR 2009;58(No.SS-6).[29September 2009, HIV Vaccine Update, The Medical Institute,]
Fast Fact of the Month from The Medical Institute
Hispanic females aged 15-19 years, when compared to white or to black non-Hispanic females in the same age group, have a higher pregnancy rate (132.8 vs. 45.2 vs. 128.0 per 100,000 persons), more first time sex partners that are >4 years older (35% vs. 20% vs. 19%), and a lower proportion ever having talked to a parent about sexual health topics before the age of 18 (65% vs. 72% vs. 74%), respectively. 
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Sexual and reproductive health of persons aged 10-24 years – United States, 2002-2007. Surveillance Summaries, July 17, 2009. MMWR 2009;58(No.SS-6).[29September 2009, HIV Vaccine Update, The Medical Institute,]
Every 26 seconds
a Child dies
by abortion
in the U.S.A.
What can YOU do to help?
"Those who want to preserve the right to abort point to teenage pregnancy, poor families, and child abuse as their defense.
"These are serious problems –  which have become no better since abortion was legalized in 1973.  Abortion is not the easy solution to these problems…"
Steven Alsip, M.D., Infectious Disease Specialist
"With abortions easily and legally available, as well as socially acceptable, it is easier than ever for men to sexually exploit women...
"Women face the risks and guilts of abortion alone...
"Thus the abortion 'choice' is just one more arena in which men condition their love and respect on the basis of women's obedience to their desires."
-- Nancyjo Mann, founder of Women Exploited By Abortion
According to Ramah International, which has studied female prison inmates, 60-80 percent of these women are post-abortive, that is, they have experienced at least one abortion.
Those with conditions that can usually be corrected medically - such as deformed feet and cleft lip - are instead being terminated.
The number of abortions in England of Down's Syndrome babies now outstrips those who are born alive, despite the fact that those with DS can live long, happy, and fulfilling lives.
"These figures are symptomatic of a eugenic trend of the consumerist society hell-bent on obliterating deformity - and at what cost to its own humanity?" asked ethicist Jacqueline Laing, of London Metropolitan University.
"We are obliterating the willingness of people to accept disability. Babies are required to fit a description of normality before they are allowed to be born."
"This is straightforward eugenics. The message is being sent out to disabled people that they should not have been born. It is appalling and abhorrent," said Nuala Scarisbrick.
"Such statistics are an indictment of a society which places a conditional value upon its citizens, based upon how 'useful' they may prove to be in later life," notes Patrick Cusworth.
[6May04, Daily Mail; Drudge Report]
Presently (2009) about 3 Down babies are aborted per day in Britain.
No Baby Deserves to Die Before Having a Chance to Live!
Debbe Magnusen, 
Let the best survive --- so Darwinian...
Survival of Fittest is the concept we should believe... that's how our world evolved, we are told...
They then talk from the other side of their mouths regarding embryonic stem cell research funding and safe sex education funding...
Both embryonic stem cell research and safe sex education have been proven over and over to be at best ineffective and at worst huge failures -- "weaker" if you will than adult stem cell research and authentic abstinence education...
Yet, the liberals refuse to "let them die" a Darwinian death.
They insist that we continue to "nurture & protect" these non-survivable entities by continuing to fund them...with our tax dollars...
Let's demand that the liberals be consistent:
Either they have to admit that Darwinian thought is erroneous, in order to continue funding embryonic stem cell research and safe sex education;
OR they have to drop their support for embryonic stem cell research funding and safe sex funding in order to be consistent with their Darwinian theories.
"'Feminists for Life' is not an oxymoron, it's a redundancy.
"The re-duplicative nature of the phrase is evident in the basic tenets of feminism: that every human being deserves the opportunity to develop into the best she or he is capable of; and that each individual be respected, however minimal or great their development may be..."
-- Dr. Maureen Jones-Ryan, 1990
To cure the genocide of real weapons of war in other lands, and yet sustain the medical genocide of abortion that kills 3000-4000 Americans daily in our own land, is sheer lunacy...
[letter written by a woman who experienced two abortions years ago...]
Rep. Dave Weldon (R-FL) on the House floor, regarding stem cell research:
"The truth is that embryonic stem cell research is perfectly legal in the U.S. Every lab in America could do embryonic stem cell research," he said.
"The issue here is who is going to pay for it? The federal government should not. It is unnecessary research and it is unethical."

A young activist in Australia described the true heart of the pro-life cause at a 40 Days for Life prayer vigil outside a Sydney abortion business.
“If I were to spend my whole life outside this door, but only ended up helping one woman to one day hold her child and to raise it with our help, it’d be worth it,” Ronan told the film crew...
If food and fluids are now considered to be "medical treatment",
why can’t we deduct our grocery bills as medical expenses?
Overpopulation Is A Myth
POP 101... A Primer on the Future of Planet Earth...The Science