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One of our quizzes is based on the book, "Adam and Eve After the Pill," by Mary Eberstadt.  Here is a sample:


1.    In questioning the “indisputable” benefits of the sexual revolution, Eberstadt shows herself the typical feminist?

 2.     Adam and Eve after the Pill looks at the paradoxes of the sexual revolution in order to jar its readers to radically question the received cultural wisdom that the revolution was good for women and society?  

3.     The parallel between the Pill and “forbidden fruit” of the knowledge of good and evil in Genesis 3 is a very self-conscious choice on the part of the author?


22.     In the post-revolutionary world, sex is easier than ever while _____ is nowhere to be found.

A.    Pornography

B.    Divorce

C.    Dissatisfaction

D.    Romance

E.    None of the Above


28.     In Chapter 1, “The Will to Disbelieve”, Eberstadt compares denial of communist atrocities with denial of the havoc wrought by the sexual revolution. Why does she say that these two realities caused such dissidence in the thought of otherwise educated adults? Do you agree or disagree with her reasoning? Why or why not?